Our goal is to advance pathology practice and discovery through development and validation of machine learning methods and software.

Semantic segmentation of triple-negative breast cancer.
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Interpretation of deep learning survival model.
An improved model for nuclear segmentation and classification.
NuCLS annotations (bottom) and predictions (top).
Predicted gestational age on placenta whole-slide image.
Differential cell count of bone marrow aspirate smear.


May 19, 2021
Lee Cooper to speak at 2021 Digital Pathology & AI Congress

Dr. Cooper will speak at the 7th annual Digital Pathology & AI Congress hosted on May 26-27. The virtual meeting will feature presentations from academia and industry discussing the application of machine learning to primary diagnosis and clinical research and strategies needed for clinical deployment.

May 11, 2021
Lee Cooper to speak at 2021 PathLAKE Masterclass

Dr. Cooper will speak at the PathLAKE 2022 Masterclass on May 18th. The Masterclass was created to provide pathologists and pathology trainees with an introduction to computational pathology.

May 10, 2021
PharML Workshop at ECML 2021

The PharML workshop will be hosted this September at the ECML PKDD virtual meeting. This workshop brings together researchers from academia and industry to discuss the application of machine learning to healthcare and pharmaceutical data.

May 6, 2021
Best poster award at 2021 API Summit

Mohamed Amgad received best poster award at the 2021 Association for Pathology Informatics Summit for his abstract "MuTILs: a multiresolution approach for computational TILs assessment using clinical guidelines".



Crowdsourcing for pathology

Our tools and methods have enabled international crowds to generate over 200,000 annotations of breast cancer histology.

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Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TILs)

We are developing algorithms for accurate computational assessment of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes in breast cancer.

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Developmental pathology

We are developing an atlas of the rapid growth and senescence of the placenta - the black box in pregnancy.

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We are developing a suite of tools to aid hematopathologists in diagnosis and prognostication for hematologic and lymphoid malignancies.

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MR Spectroscopy

This project is creating new methods and tools to enable clinical translation of MR spectroscopy for radiation treatment planning.

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This project is building next-generation survival analysis models using techniques like neural and Bayesian networks.

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Digital Slide Archive

The Digital Slide Archive is an open-source platform for centralized management, sharing, annotating, and analyzing whole-slide image datasets.

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HistomicsTK is an open-source library that provides developers with building-blocks for pathology image analysis.

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HistomicsML is exploring unsupervised learning methods to build interactive tools for exploring datasets and for building machine-learning models.

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Lee Cooper, PhD

Principal Investigator

Jeffrey Goldstein, MD/PhD

Affiliated faculty

Mohamed Tageldin, MD

PhD Candidate, Emory

Bilal Naved

MD/PhD Program, Northwestern

Pooya Mobadersany, PhD

Alumni - PhD
Johnson & Johnson

Safoora Yousefi, PhD

Alumni - PhD
Microsoft Research

Saumya Gurbani, PhD

Alumni - MD/PhD
Emory Radiology Resident

Ramraj Chandradevan

Alumni - student
Emory PhD Candidate

Sanghoon Lee, PhD

Alumni - Postdoctoral
Marshall University

Yue Hou, PhD

Alumni - Postdoctoral
Dana Farber Cancer Center

Jianpeng Xu, PhD

Alumni - Postdoctoral
Stanford University

Matt Reyna, PhD

Alumni - Posdoctoral
Emory University Faculty


We are located on the 11th floor of the Arthur Rubloff Building on the Lake Michigan coast in downtown Chicago's Streeterville neighborhood. We are 5 blocks from the Chicago red line station and 2 blocks from the Intercampus Shuttle Ward Building stop.

Lee Cooper, PhD
lee.cooper@northwestern.edu(312) 503-4261
Suite 11-106, Arthur Rubloff Building
750 North Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60611