May 19, 2021
Lee Cooper to speak at 2021 Digital Pathology & AI Congress

Dr. Cooper will speak at the 7th annual Digital Pathology & AI Congress hosted on May 26-27. The virtual meeting will feature presentations from academia and industry discussing the application of machine learning to primary diagnosis and clinical research and strategies needed for clinical deployment.

May 11, 2021
Lee Cooper to speak at 2021 PathLAKE Masterclass

Dr. Cooper will speak at the PathLAKE 2022 Masterclass on May 18th. The Masterclass was created to provide pathologists and pathology trainees with an introduction to computational pathology.

May 10, 2021
PharML Workshop at ECML 2021

The PharML workshop will be hosted this September at the ECML PKDD virtual meeting. This workshop brings together researchers from academia and industry to discuss the application of machine learning to healthcare and pharmaceutical data.

May 6, 2021
Best poster award at 2021 API Summit

Mohamed Amgad received best poster award at the 2021 Association for Pathology Informatics Summit for his abstract "MuTILs: a multiresolution approach for computational TILs assessment using clinical guidelines".

April 6, 2021
Pooya Mobadersany dissertation defense

Pooya Mobadersany successfully completed defense for his dissertation "Predicting time to event and clinical outcomes for high-dimensional data." He will be joining Johnson & Johnson as a Data Scientist.

March 5, 2021
GestAltNet: aggregation and attention paper published in Lab Investigation

Pooya Mobadersany and Dr. Jeff Goldstein have published a paper in Lab Investigation describing GestAltNet, a convolutional network that learns to aggregate content from across whole slide images for prediction of patient-level labels.

March 3, 2021
Mohamed Amgad to speak at US FDA on developing annotation datasets

Mohamed Amgad will present our work on developing annotation datasets for computational pathology studies at a public meeting of the US FDA on March 10th.

February 1, 2021
Paper on interactive learning for whole-slide images published in Cancer Research

Sanghoon Lee has published a paper in Cancer Research on HistomicsML, an interactive system for training machine learning models with whole-slide imaging data. This system overcomes several computational challenges to provide investigators with a responsive, intuitive tool for building machine learning models.

January 19, 2021
Midwest Computational Pathology Consortium (MCCP) Workshop

The Midwest Computational Pathology Workshop (MCCP) will host it's first workshop from January 26-28. The workshop, supported by the NSF Midwest BigData Hub, will feature speakers from academia and industry to foster collaboration in the Midwest and beyond.

December 7, 2020
Lee Cooper to speak at UChicago Pathobiology of Disease seminar series

Lee Cooper will speak at the University of Chicago Pathobiology of Disease seminar on December 17th.

October 20, 2020
Best Clinical Poster Award - Pathology Visions 2020

Dr. Jeff Goldstein, MD, PhD won the best clinical poster award for his poster "AI estimation of gestational age based on microscopic appearance of placental villi."

October 9, 2020
Lee Cooper presents at UPenn Pathology Grand Rounds

On October 19th Dr. Cooper will speak at the at the UPenn Pathology Department Grand Rounds. The talk "Computational pathology for diagnostic inference and discovery" will discuss the significance of developments in computational biology for science and clinical practice.

October 8, 2020
Lee Cooper to speak at Roche DIASights series

On October 15th Dr. Cooper will speak at the Roche DIASights series on personalized diagnostics.

September 1, 2020
Paper on MKK3 expression and outcomes in breast cancer for African American women

Our computational analysis of the relationships between breast cancer tissue morphology and MKK3 expression was published in the Journal of Translational Medicine. This paper describes how increased MKK3 expression is associated with worse outcomes in African American women who are diagnosed with breast cancer.

September 1, 2020
Goldstein awarded NIBIB K08

Dr. Jeff Goldstein, MD, PhD has received a K08 Clinical Investigator Award from NIBIB. His project "Developing a virtual placenta biobank" will create computational tools for computational developmental pathology.

May 12, 2020
Three papers on Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes published in NPJ Breast Cancer

Our article on computational assessment of Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TILs) has been published in NPJ Breast Cancer as part of a series of papers on clinical implementation of TIL scoring procedures. This work is the culmination of a collaboration with the International Immuno-Oncology Biomarker Working Group on Breast Cancer led by Dr. Roberto Salgado

January 13, 2020
Lee Cooper to speak at PathLAKE 2020 Masterclass

Dr. Cooper will speak at the PathLAKE 2020 Masterclass at the Royal College of Pathologists in London, UK.