Digital Slide Archive

The Digital Slide Archive (DSA) is an open-source platform for centralized data management, sharing, annotating, and analyzing whole-slide imaging datasets. Developed in collaboration with Kitware, the DSA consists of an image analysis toolkit (HistomicsTK), an interface to visualize slides and manage annotations (HistomicsUI), a database layer (using Mongo), and a web-server that provides a rich API and data management tools. DSA can serve image datasets from local file systems or S3, and is containerized to simplify on premises or EC2 cloud deployments.

Read more about the capabilities of DSA here.


Mohamed Amgad
PhD Candidate
Lee Cooper, PhD
Principal Investigator


Gutman DA, Khalilia M, Lee S, Nalisnik M, Mullen Z, Beezley J, Chittajallu DR, Manthey D, Cooper LA. The digital slide archive: A software platform for management, integration, and analysis of histology for cancer research. Cancer research. 2017 Nov 1;77(21):e75-8.

Gutman DA, Cobb J, Somanna D, Park Y, Wang F, Kurc T, Saltz JH, Brat DJ, Cooper LA, Kong J. Cancer Digital Slide Archive: an informatics resource to support integrated in silico analysis of TCGA pathology data. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association. 2013 Nov 1;20(6):1091-8.


Advanced Development of an Open-Source Platform for Web-Based Integrative Digital Image Analysis in Cancer
NCI U24CA194362